Formula 1 - Alonso frustrated by lack of support

Fernando Alonso has expressed frustration about a lack of praise from those who should be supporting him in Formula 1.

Formula 1 - Alonso frustrated by lack of support

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Fernando Alonso (Ferrari) - GP of China 2014

Earlier this week, Mercedes chairman Dieter Zetsche hailed Alonso as perhaps the top driver in F1.

He told Spanish media: "Alonso is probably the best driver on the Formula 1 grid. Fernando has always proven it - and in uncompetitive cars."

That admiration comes just a few weeks after Mercedes motorsport boss Toto Wolff said Alonso was a 'monster' in races.

Speaking ahead of the Monaco Grand Prix about the latest comments from Mercedes, Alonso said he welcomed such talk, but said it was weird that others who should also be backing him did not do so.

"It's always welcome when people see your job in a good way, and respect what you try to achieve," he said.

"It's sometimes strange to see good comments and compliments from people from outside, and the opposite from people who are supposed to be close to you.

"It's motivating for me and good to see good comments, and funny when you see the opposite in your closest friends."

Although some have viewed Alonso's cryptic remarks as an attack on his own team, it is understood he was referring to criticisms he has faced in sections of the media about his performances at Ferrari.

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