Formula 1 - Alonso: Why fuel tactics will not harm F1 for fans

Fernando Alonso insists fans will struggle to notice any difference in the Formula 1 spectacle in 2014, even when drivers are in fuel-saving mode.

Formula 1 - Alonso: Why fuel tactics will not harm F1 for fans

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Formula 1 - Fernando Alonso

Amid concerns that racing may be robbed of some excitement by drivers needing to look after fuel, Alonso expects a similar approach to previous campaigns when tyre conservation was key.

"I don't think it will be a big difference compared to the previous years, especially when Pirelli arrived in F1," said Alonso, speaking during an appearance at a Shell media event in Melbourne on Wednesday.

"We have been managing the tyres a lot because of high degradation. Now we will manage the tyres, we will manage a little bit the batteries and the fuel consumption - but all in the same way.

"It will be hard to see on TV for the spectators when we are saving two or three tenths of a second, or even from the grandstand.

"If we save three tenths of a second on one lap, at one particular grandstand we save half of one tenth - so if someone can recognise when we are saving fuel they are quite expert."

Alonso also reckons that despite a lot of talk about a whole new way of racing in 2014, the impact of the new rules would be less than many expect.

"The acceleration and torque delivery from the power unit is a little bit different, the gear usage is a little bit different compared to the past and all these tools we have available this year, we need to maximise them in a different way and need to learn a couple of things," he explained.

"But this is a motorsport competition. When the green light is on nothing will change in terms of adrenaline, overtakes, strategy, driver management, or tyre saving.

"Things will be very, very similar to last year when the green light is on."

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