Formula 1 - Alonso: rivals' good luck won't hold

Fernando Alonso is sure his Formula 1 title rivals will also have to deal with the kind of misfortunes that have blighted his start to the 2013 season.


The Spaniard's DRS flap jammed open in the early stages of the Bahrain Grand Prix, while he was in the hunt for the lead.

He was forced to make successive emergency stops before the problem was rectified, meaning that by lap nine he was 19th and no longer had the use of the DRS to make his way back through the field.

Despite that Alonso eventually came home eighth, although he had been running seventh, and on the tail of the fight for fifth, until the final lap.

Having also retired from the Malaysian Grand Prix when his damaged front wing collapsed, Alonso acknowledged that it had been a messy start to his season.

But he is sure his luck - and his opposition's - will turn around.

"We were very, unlucky," Alonso said.

"In four races we've had two very unlucky moments.

"But it will come for the others and in that moment we will take our opportunity."

Alonso, who has won and finished runner-up in his two clean races of 2013, said his DRS woes massively compromised his race.

"It was very difficult," he added.

"I stopped two times in two laps so was at the back of the group, with no DRS to pass.

"The race became very, very difficult."

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