Formula 1 - Brawn settled after Mercedes ructions

Ross Brawn says that he has put thoughts about a future away from Mercedes firmly to the back of his mind, with his focus now only on moving the team forward.


After several weeks of speculation about further changes at Mercedes, as Brawn weighed up his long term commitment in the wake of a management reshuffle, the team principal has now ruled out any immediate changes.

Having stated in January that consideration was being given to a succession plan while he pondered his long term intentions, Brawn has made it clear that things now appear sorted.

This comes after it emerged that his potential successor Paddy Lowe is locked in to a McLaren contract until at least the end of 2013.

"I am very settled," explained Brawn, when asked if he had made a decision on his long-term future at Mercedes.

"I have no problems at all on that front."

Mercedes-Benz motorsport boss Toto Wolff explained at the recent Jerez test that he was still evaluating the structure at Mercedes following his arrival, but felt that further changes to senior staff would be detrimental ahead of a key season for the team.

"It would be foolish to take assumptions now, or take some things as fact," he said.

"I need some time to meet the people, speak to the people and get an overview, but I think what the teams needs utmost is stability.

"We are just ahead of a difficult season, a very important season for the team, so let's keep the ball flat at the moment and see how it develops."

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