Formula 1 - Caterham reveals engine test audio

Caterham has become the first team to reveal what 2014's new Formula 1 engines will sound like when fitted to cars.


The Leafield-based team completed a fire up of its new Renault-powered F1 challenger on Thursday night - and has distributed a sound recording of the new turbo V6 powerunit (scroll down for the audio).

Although the audio clip is brief, it does offer a first clue as to what the new cars will sound like - which comes amid concerns that F1 cars will no longer impress now that the screaming V8s have been consigned to history.

The cars will likely sound very different when they are out on track, though, especially when they are revving at 15,000rpm and the turbos are at full speed.

F1's 2014 turbo engines explained

Both Mercedes and Renault have previously released dyno sound samples of their engines over the past 12 months, while Ferrari has played the noise of its engine to selected media.

However, as Mercedes' engine chief Andy Cowell explained, the sound from a dyno is very different from what it will be like out on track.

"Doing a recording in a test cell is quite challenging because you need to extract the exhaust fumes and extract them safely from the factory that the test cell is within," he said.

"An awful lot of technology goes into making sure these fumes are extracted and filtered, which naturally takes some of the sound with it.

"Then, a test cell is a room with flat walls, which causes the noise to bounce around and reduces the purity of the sound.

"It's an engine dyno - not a recording studio!"

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