Formula 1 - Dennis: no rush to find new CEO

Ron Dennis says he will take his time over appointing a permanent CEO for McLaren's Formula 1 operation, and is adamant its current line-up can lead it back to winning ways.


Dennis has started a restructuring of the organisation following his return to the role of McLaren Group CEO at the beginning of this year.

He has done away with the team principal position that Martin Whitmarsh had and instead put in place Eric Boullier as racing director, with Jonathan Neale standing in as an interim CEO for the team.

Although there has been speculation that former Mercedes boss Ross Brawn was being lined up for the CEO job, Dennis made it clear on Thursday that the situation remained fluid.

He also did not rule out the possibility of Neale taking the role permanently if things prove a success.

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"Jonathan absolutely accepts that he is nominated on a day to day basis but effectively not only would he love to have the job, but he may well do the job," explained Dennis.

"Whoever may or may not be considered for that position, it will be against his [Neale's] abilities and his commitment and whatever the situation is at that moment of time.

"The key thing to understand is that supplementing Jonathan's, Eric's and Sam's (Michael) capabilities with my own, for a short period of time, is adequately going to address the challenge of winning in F1.

"That choice of person is critical to the long term future of the company and I will take my time.

"And ultimately with such an important decision, it will not be mine and mine alone. I would expect to share that with the shareholders and key individuals.

"It is not at the moment at the top of my must do list. I am comfortable with what we have in place at the moment."

Dennis reckons that the growing demands posed by an expanded F1 calendar meant the role of team principal was no longer appropriate.

"The first four races this year, the team doesn't come back," he said. "With the former role of team principal, it was like being out of the company for four months.

"I defy anyone to run a company and have four months out of the company."

Dennis also clarified that he would not be taking an active role at race weekends, but would be present to keep an eye on things.

"We have tremendous competence and I am fully involved in the moment," he said.

"But I won't be active at the circuit - only the team will be in uniform and no one other than the team will be in uniform.

"I will be there to observe."

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