Formula 1 - Drivers round on Vettel for 'balls in pool' comment

Sebastian Vettel's Formula One rivals have rounded on the German after his ill-advised comments implying other teams were lazy.

Formula 1 - Drivers round on Vettel for 'balls in pool' comment

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Sebastian Vettel

While on the podium following his Singapore Grand Prix victory two weeks ago, the Red Bull star said: "Whilst there's a lot of people hanging their balls in the pool on Fridays, we're still working very hard and pushing very hard so that we have a strong race."

While that appeared to be a joke, Nico Rosberg and Jenson Button have accused the German of disrespecting his rivals.

"Sebastian brings the boos on himself," Rosberg said of his compatriot. "He talks about my balls that I hang in the pool and then the boos come.

"My guys are working hard day and night. He couldn't know if his boys work harder. We give it full throttle.

"His comments are aloof and were almost his undoing qualifying. I almost stole pole from him and if I had I would have laughed. Sebastian should think less about my balls and more about himself.

"With comments like that he is running the risk of losing the respect of his fellow drivers."

While less enraged, McLaren’s Button agreed with Rosberg’s sentiment.

"It is incorrect and wrong of him to say that," the Briton told the Daily Mail.

"We are obviously not doing a good enough job to beat Red Bull and no one is at the moment but that doesn't mean we are not working hard. Every team is working as hard as Red Bull."

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