Formula 1 - F1 teams pushing for full-on tyre test

Formula 1 teams are pushing for next month's young driver test at Silverstone to be ditched in favour of a full-on tyre test with race drivers to help Pirelli overcome its current problems.

Formula 1 - F1 to discuss post-Brazil tyre test

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The tyres on Mercedes Formula One driver Nico Rosberg of Germany's car are checked by an official after the British Grand Prix at the Silverstone Race circuit (Reuters)

With the sport now accepting that something needs to be done to ensure there is no repeat of the tyre failures that blighted the British Grand Prix, pressure is being put on the FIA to consider abandoning the running of young drivers.

Ferrari team principal Stefano Domenicali and Red Bull boss Christian Horner both believe that changing the test is now the most sensible way the sport can move forward and assist Pirelli in a meaningful way.

Domenicali said: "It's something that we have to work together on as an F1 world to solve.

"I have an idea that of course we need to discuss in the next days - that we have a test here at Silverstone that is supposed to be with young drivers.

"Considering the fact that this track is very demanding for the tyres, and we can really with Pirelli do something during these [test] days to solve this issue I would also say use the race drivers - because this is also for them something very important.

"So I can guarantee to you that, from the team point of view, we are very open to trying to find a solution. This is something we all benefit from."

Horner added: "There happens to be a test here in a few weeks. It is currently scheduled to be for young drivers, but maybe it should be open to current drivers or test drivers who can give decent feedback that Pirelli could use on the track where they have experienced the issues they have had."

McLaren team principal Martin Whitmarsh was more sceptical about the benefits of changing the young driver test though, believing action needs to be taken before then.

"Personally I think it is too late," he said. "That was being suggested yesterday; but we have an enhanced data set now. Why do we make a big scene out of it?

"We had tyres we were racing on last year that can be made, or may even exist, and surely at this point in the season that is the right thing to do."

F1 race director Charlie Whiting said on Sunday night that there had already been talks about the idea of changing the young driver test plans.

When asked if it was a possibility that race drivers could be allowed, he said: "Yes."

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