Formula 1 - Ferrari 'has faith' in Tribunal decision

Ferrari president Luca di Montezemolo says he has faith that Mercedes and Pirelli will be appropriately "prosecuted" by the FIA International Tribunal.


Charges have been brought against both Mercedes and Pirelli for the three-day test that took place in Barcelona in the week after the Spanish Grand Prix.

The International Tribunal hearing will take place in Paris on June 20.

Di Montezemolo called for appropriate censure should the Tribunal establish the test transgressed Formula 1's regulations.

"I do not wish to comment, but I note with satisfaction that the Federation is following this incident well," di Montezemolo told Ferrari's website.

"Let's hope Formula 1 can maintain its professionalism and we have faith that those who attempt to circumvent the regulations are pursued and prosecuted, or rather more prosecuted than pursued.

"We have faith in the FIA."

Mercedes' charges relate to the fact it broke the Sporting Regulations by running a 2013 car.

It is not clear however what grounds Pirelli is being pursued on given that it is not a competitor.

Christian Horner, whose Red Bull team - along with Ferrari - lodged an official protest against Mercedes, insisted his unhappiness is focused exclusively on Mercedes and not at all on Formula 1's tyre supplier.

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