Formula 1 - Ferrari warns against 2014 'trickery'

Ferrari president Luca di Montezemolo has urged the FIA to ensure that teams are not allowed to get away with any 'trickery' under Formula 1's new regulations.

Formula 1 - Ferrari warns against 2014 'trickery'

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Fernando Alonso of Spain and Ferrari drives during day four of Formula One Winter Testing (Getty Images)

Ahead of the season-opening Australian Grand Prix this weekend, di Montezemolo has made it clear that he wants the FIA to be tough on teams attempting to exploit the rules so they can gain an unfair advantage.

"Such an important set of changes to the regulations is bringing some grey areas, for example fuel, software, consumption," said di Montezemolo, in an open letter to Ferrari's fans that was published on the team's website.

"In these I am fully expecting the FIA to be vigilant - as I'm sure they will be - to avoid any trickery, which has also taken place in the recent past but must not happen any more for the good of this sport."

As well as his plea about the FIA being strict with teams, di Montezemolo repeated his fears that the new-look F1 may not produce the intense flat-out driving that he is a fan of.

"It will also be a difficult championship for the spectators to follow," he said. "The drivers will have to take care that they do not wear out the tyres and save fuel.

"I have already said that I hope they don't turn into taxi drivers and I say that with the greatest respect to taxi drivers, but they obviously do a different job.

"I, like all of you, love an extreme Formula 1 where technology and drivers are always on the limit."


Di Montezemolo is unsure about Ferrari's potential in Australia, but is adamant that work is underway that will boost its title challenge.

"Everyone has issues; we have lined ours up and we are in the process of resolving them," he said.

"We're also putting into practice an intense plan of development, which can count on the fact that the data from the windtunnel has been confirmed by the track comparisons, something that has not happened in recent years."

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