Formula 1 - FIA to address F1 nose issue for 2015

The FIA has promised to address the issue of 2014 Formula 1 cars' ugly noses for next season.

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Marcus Ericsson Caterham

A push in the regulations to lower the tip of the nose, with only a narrow nose-tip dimension minimum, has resulted in some unique designs that have upset F1 figures and fans.

Some of the nose designs have also prompted questions about the extent of their safety benefits, despite passing all the mandatory crash tests.

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The worry is that the nose tips may get detached in frontal impacts, leaving the higher section further back exposed for any further contact.

The FIA is satisfied that the current designs are safe enough, following checks made at the opening pre-season test, but says it will tweak the rules for next year to ensure that the ugly' noses are banished.

F1 race director Charlie Whiting said: "A lot of teams have come up with a solution which is not quite what we intended.

"The [nose tip] bits are less structural than we would have liked, but the fully structural part of the noses is significantly lower than it was last year.

"I think on average it would be 200mm lower than it was last year. OK it has not worked exactly as we had hoped it might, but it will be a significant improvement over last year and it will be addressed for next year."

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