Formula 1 - FIA clarifies rules on use of physios

Physios will still not count as part of Formula 1 team's 60-staff limit as long as they are not involved in the operation of the car.


Force India had asked the race stewards at the Chinese Grand Prix to clarify whether or not teams should be forced to include the driver physios as team members.

The Silverstone-based team, which did include its physios as part of its 60 limit, wanted to know if rival teams were correct in not including them.

Following a meeting with the race stewards, which also included representatives from Red Bull, Ferrari and Lotus, it was decided that as long as physios are not working on car operation then they did not need to be included.

A statement issued by the FIA on Sunday said that tasks which it considered to be operational were: "The handling or use of any tool, implement, technical data or piece of equipment other than specifically connected with the role of a physiotherapist."

It clarified that physios would not be counted as long as they conducted: "Tasks such as providing drinks directly to the driver, providing and organising the driver's kit before sessions e.g. earpieces, balaclava, gloves, helmet, HANS device and assisting him to fit those devices whilst he is not in the car."

The ruling means Force India may be able to bring an additional two members of staff to future races as long as its physios are not involved in the operation of the car.

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