Formula 1 - FIA Tribunal: Judges and running order

Edwin Glasgow QC is president of the FIA International Tribunal hearing into the Mercedes and Pirelli tyre test.

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As proceedings commenced in Paris on Thursday morning, the full list of judges was revealed.

In addition to 40 years of UK legal experience, Glasgow is also an FIA court of appeal judge, vice-president of the ICA Congrass, a judge on the FA Premier League panel, and a member of the Sports Dispute Resolution Panel.

Judges are Monaco lawyer Laurent Anselmi, American lawyer and Grand-Am founding partner Chris Harris, Switzerland's Patrick Raedersdorf and chairman of the UK's Motor Sport Council Tony Scott-Andrews.

The FIA will speak first, before Mercedes and finally Pirelli.

Each party will then have chance to respond in turn.

Present for Mercedes alongside team boss Ross Brawn are chief race engineer Andrew Shovlin and team manager Ron Meadows.

Pirelli motorsport chief Paul Hembery is representing his company, with Formula 1 race director Charlie Whiting present for the FIA.

Red Bull team boss and Christian Horner and chief engineer Paul Monaghan are both present as observers.

Ferrari, McLaren and Williams have all sent legal observers.

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