Formula 1 - FIA won't change fuel-flow policing despite Red Bull row

The FIA's policing of Formula 1 fuel-flow limits will be unchanged at the Malaysian Grand Prix despite the Red Bull controversy, AUTOSPORT has learned.

Formula 1 - FIA won't change fuel-flow policing despite Red Bull row

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2014 GP of Australia Red Bull Ricciardo

Red Bull is fighting Daniel Ricciardo's disqualification from the Australian Grand Prix for "consistently" breaking the 100 kg per hour fuel-flow rate during his run to second place.

The team is adamant that it did not break the limit, based on its own fuel-flow readings. It argues that the FIA's readings were wrong because of an inaccurate fuel-flow sensor.

With the FIA Appeal Court hearing taking place just before the Chinese Grand Prix, there is a chance that Red Bull or other teams could face similar issues in the next two races if there are further fuel sensor problems.

But despite the dispute, the FIA remains adamant that it has the situation under control, and it will not revise its zero tolerance approach to fuel flow breaches.

When asked by AUTOSPORT whether the policing of fuel flow rates will be altered at all, F1 race director Charlie Whiting said: "There will be no changes. We see no reason to change."

A change in the frequency of the fuel-flow rate sensor of 5 Hz will stay in place for Malaysia too, after it was tweaked from 10 Hz over the Australian GP weekend.

Whiting made it clear in Australia that the FIA had full faith in the sensors and its approach.

"We are confident of the [fuel flow measuring] meter's accuracy," he said. "It will always be correlated with data we have from injectors to make sure there is not a wide divergence, but from what we have seen so far that will not be the case."

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