Formula 1 - Hamilton's dramatic U-turn in court as 'lost evidence' is found

The high-profile court case between Anthony Hamilton and Paul di Resta took another dramatic twist after ‘lost’ evidence was discovered.

Formula 1 - Hamilton's dramatic U-turn in court as 'lost evidence' is found

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Anthony and Lewis Hamilton (PA Sport)

Hamilton returned to the witness box to tell the High Court he had found the evidence that he previously said was "lost" at the back gates of his house in a disused letterbox.

The crucial evidence was three Blackberrys that were discovered in the letterbox on Thursday morning with Hamilton having previously been unable to explain their loss.

However, the High Court had previously been told that eight Blackberrys went missing.

Paul Downes, QC, representing Di Resta, said: "There is a problem, isn’t there? There were eight BlackBerrys (which went missing) but only three have been returned.

"The thief must have been seeing the press coverage or reading the transcripts so thought they would only return the exact devices (that were relevant). That is your theory now?"

The electrical equipment is considered very important in Hamilton’s damages claim against Force India driver Di Resta for wrongful dismissal as his manager.

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Downes made the point that unless the missing evidence was found, Hamilton could have faced "criminal as well as civil proceedings" and therefore suggested that he may have acted to ensure their discovery.

"If you had tampered with evidence that would be a serious criminal offence, would it?” he said, to which Hamilton replied: "I have not tampered with any evidence."

Downes also suggested that Hamilton had deliberately fiddled with dates of draft emails and notes to help him in the case.

Hamilton said: "I have told you the truth and if you don’t like it there is nothing I can do."

A verdict in the case is likely to be delayed until January.

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