Formula 1 - Hamilton ignoring tyre test furore

Lewis Hamilton says he has been ignoring the furore over Mercedes' Pirelli tyre test ahead of the Canadian Grand Prix.

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Lewis Hamilton

The FIA announced on Wednesday night that Mercedes would have to explain itself before an International Tribunal as its three days of running for Pirelli with its 2013 car at Barcelona last month constituted a potential rules breach.

But as he prepared for the Canadian race in Montreal on Thursday, Hamilton said he had put the controversy out of his mind.

"I haven't been focusing on it, to be honest," he insisted.

"I've been focusing on trying to get myself ready for this grand prix and today is the first day I've really heard about it. I haven't been reading about it."

Asked if it was a potential distraction for Mercedes, which won the previous Formula 1 race in Monaco, Hamilton replied: "No. The important people in the team are dealing with it in the appropriate way."

Hamilton does not expect to have to appear before the tribunal himself.

"I don't think that will happen," he said. "I've been there and done that before for McLaren, but I don't think I need to be involved."

Both Hamilton and team-mate Nico Rosberg were quizzed about why Mercedes chose to involve them in the test rather than its test drivers, with the potential for the race drivers to gain advantageous tyre knowledge part of what prompted rivals' ire.

Rosberg said it was important for Pirelli that active race drivers took part as Mercedes' third driver Sam Bird lacks 2013 mileage.

"That was what the team decided and also for Pirelli it is better if we are in the car as it is more representative," he said.

"Sam doesn't drive much, so he would not be able to get the pace.

"Through our laps of having experience of the grand prix that weekend, for Pirelli it was an advantage having us in the car."

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