Formula 1 - Hamilton says test ban 'sucks'

Lewis Hamilton says it 'sucks' that his outfit is being forced to miss Formula 1's young driver test at Silverstone next month.

Formula 1 - Hamilton upset at Mercedes test ban

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Lewis Hamilton

While rival teams have questioned the leniency of the punishment handed down to Mercedes for using a 2013 car in a Pirelli test, Hamilton has backed his team boss Ross Brawn in claiming the suspension is going to hurt.

"That [the ban] does suck a little bit because that test is quite an important test for the year - it's the only test really," he told selected media during an appearance at the Mercedes factory in Brackley on Tuesday.

"It's important because we had a lot planned, upgrades and stuff, that we were hoping to test on those three days.

"It was also vital for the [test] drivers who are always on the simulator to test the tyres, to know where they are and come back in here and get feedback so they continue working on developments and improving the simulator.

"It definitely puts us back a little bit, but we're going to have to try to figure out a way to recover it elsewhere."

Hamilton added that he deliberately tried not to get involved in the International Tribunal matters, although he was regularly updated on the latest situation.

"To be honest, I tried my best not to give it much thought," he said. "Ross kept me in the loop, and I'd get an email here and there from the lawyer explaining where we are.

"I was trying to not put any energy towards it. I was just trying to focus on preparing myself for this race, really.

"Of course when I saw the team at the weekend it was a relief for everyone. Everyone was relieved that they could get on and start focusing on the next race. And I'm happy as well.

"The team have been doing a great job, and we've got into a good position so far, so if we can get into an even better one that would be fantastic.

"The team have been working so hard to get the results that we've had, so a negative result was not needed."

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