Formula 1 - High-speed tracks no worry - Red Bull

Red Bull says it is no longer so fearful about its performance on high-speed tracks, in the wake of Sebastian Vettel's dominant performance in Canada.


The Milton Keynes-based outfit has found the pace of its RB9 has been limited on faster circuits because it cannot manage its tyre degradation as well as some other cars.

But the team believes it made some improvements to the situation at the medium-speed Montreal.

And that means its confidence is lifted for the next race at Silverstone, where the high-speed corners will provide a stern test for its tyre management.

Red Bull team boss Christian Horner, well aware of how his drivers struggled at Barcelona, said: "I think that obviously set-up wise we made some progress here, and we hope that that will continue into the Silverstone weekend.

"Malaysia also had very quick corners and we were strong there, so I think we have understood some of the issues we have had in Barcelona, and hopefully we can carry this form into the next few races."

Red Bull has been surrounded by suggestions this season that its car would be dominant if the 2013 tyres allowed its drivers to push to the maximum throughout the race.

In Montreal, low degradation on the smooth surface meant drivers were better able to drive near the maximum - which duly allowed Vettel to lead from start to finish.

Horner believes that his team's performances going forward remain dependent on what is still an unpredictable tyre situation.

"It has been a strong performance here like it was in Bahrain, and like it was in Malaysia," he said.

"We see with these tyres that once you are in the window with them, then you can extract a lot of lap time.

"We were certainly in the right window here, and it was a shame with Mark that his race was compromised by the backmarker because otherwise I am convinced we would have had him on the podium here too."

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