Formula 1 - Horner predicts rapid development rate

Red Bull team principal Christian Horner expects to see a rapid rate of car development in the early stages of 2014.

Formula 1 - All bets are off, says Horner

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Christian Horner (Reuters)

Next year's cars will be built around a set of regulations centred on the new 1.6-litre turbocharged V6 engines, with a wide range of car designs expected to appear in pre- season testing.

Just was when F1 had its last major rule change in 2009, Horner predicts significant progress for all teams during the year and believes this is an area where his team can excel.

"Because the regulations are going to be pretty immature, like we saw in 2009 ideas will flow pretty quickly," Horner told AUTOSPORT.

"So you will probably see quite a rapid range of development early on in the year as people are finding their feet.

"We have demonstrated over the last few years that we can develop the car effectively.

"Hopefully that will apply to next year as well."

Horner has also warned that there will be reliability struggles during pre-season testing as both teams and engine manufacturers understand their new packages.

"Reliability is going to be a fundamental issue in the first three or four races whilst teams get on top of the issues.

"It's inevitable, as 12 days of running over three tests is not that much for such a big regulation change.

"You are going to see some early issues with these power units."

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