Formula 1 - Maldonado says FW35 suits Bottas better

Pastor Maldonado believes Valtteri Bottas's driving style is better-suited to the troublesome Williams FW35 than his own.

Formula 1 - Maldonado says FW35 suits Bottas better

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2013 GP Monaco, Williams, Pastor Maldonado (Reuters)

The Venezuelan has been overshadowed by his team-mate in 2013, with Bottas prevailing in qualifying five times out of seven.

Maldonado puts this down to his more aggressive technique being incompatible with the Williams.

"We have different driving styles, he drives very gently and is very smooth with the car - this is not my way," said Maldonado.

"My way is to put energy into the car and that is how I was very quick last year.

"I feel very slow because I am not in a position to do what I did last year as I am limited by the car."

Maldonado believes the car responds better to a less aggressive driving style and points to the lack of balance between front and rear as he root of his struggles.

"The car is very easy to drive if you go slow, if you don't put energy in the car," he said.

"But for my style, I drive with a big peak of braking and using the car a lot.

"When I try to do it in my way, it's not working.

"The car is predictable, but we have a problem making the front work with the rear.

"We need to close the gap between both parts."

Williams chief race engineer Xevi Pujolar accepts that the car problems did hurt Maldonado more given the "specific" requirements he has.

But he is confident that the team's development direction will benefit both drivers.

"With the problems with the car, we were struggling more with him [Maldonado] than Valtteri," said Pujolar.

"But now, with all the improvements we are making with the car, they are asking to go in the same direction."

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