Formula 1 - Marussia makes changes after crash

Marussia will be able to continue its pre-season testing programme at Jerez on Wednesday despite suffering a suspension failure that caused Max Chilton's crash.


The Formula 1 rookie encountered the failure when flat out on the approach to Dry Sack corner during the afternoon.

The team confirmed to AUTOSPORT that it will run on Wednesday after some modifications are made to the rear suspension overnight to prevent a repeat of the problem.

However, it is likely that Marussia will not be able to take to the track until late morning while the car is adapted.

"Something gave way, but the team are looking at it and trying to see a cure," said Chilton of the accident.

"I was literally just about to hit the brakes and it gave way.

"I'd recovered it once and it was out of control.

"It was the first real pushing run, so it was testing the car to its maximum and something wasn't quite right."

Despite his high-speed off, Chilton has no doubts that the car will be safe when he is cleared to return to action.

"Pat [Symonds] and the team are very experienced and I'm sure they will find a cure," he said.

"I'll just have to trust their judgement as they've been here a lot of years.

"There's not much else I can do as a driver but just trust them.

"As soon as I put that helmet on, I've just got to see how it is, build it up and hopefully we'll have fixed the problem."

The GP2 race-winner added that he was happy with the performance of the car until the accident.

He completed 29 laps and ended the day slowest, 5.315 seconds off the pace.

"Testing was going well until that point," said Chilton.

"I was getting some laps in and the car was performing well but I guess that's what early days of testing are for with a new car.

"I did do some pushing laps before that, but not fully.

"I'm looking forward to getting back out and to do a good test."

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