Formula 1 - Montoya: overtaking with DRS 'like giving Picasso Photoshop'

Former grand prix driver Juan Pablo Montoya believes DRS is good for the Formula 1 spectacle, but feels it has devalued the art of overtaking.

Formula 1 - Montoya: overtaking with DRS 'like giving Picasso Photoshop'

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BMW soll Interesse an ihm haben: Juan Pablo Montoya

The Drag Reduction System, the overtaking aid which helps reduce drag and increase top speed at certain parts of the track, was introduced in Formula 1 in the 2011 season.

The system has so far served its intended purpose, with most races now featuring plenty of overtaking.

Montoya, however, reckons the device has made passing far less challenging than when he was racing in F1.

"It's good for the show. I mean, it makes a better show because people pass people, but I think overtaking is an art," Montoya said during an exclusive interview on The Racer's Edge.

"Now it's like giving Picasso Photoshop."

The Colombian, who left grand prix racing for NASCAR in 2006 and returned to IndyCar this season, reckons a lot more effort was needed to pass before the DRS was introduced.

"You had to think and you had to risk a lot," he said. "You don't have to fight for the positions now.

"You come into the straight and if you are close enough you have DRS and you've cleared the guy by the next corner."


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