Formula 1 - Newey: Double points cheapen F1

Red Bull chief technical officer Adrian Newey has criticised Formula 1's double points finale format, suggesting it cheapens the sport.

Formula 1 - Newey: Double points cheapen F1

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Adrian Newey (AFP)

The squad's team principal, Christian Horner, has already warned about the dangers of double points in the wake of fan outcry about the change.

Now Newey has slated the move, which he believes is bad for F1 as a whole.

AUTOSPORT opinion: Double points must go

"It's a personal view, but I'm not a fan of it at all," Newey told AUTOSPORT.

"To me it just seems very artificial that third place [in Abu Dhabi] will now be worth more than first place at Monaco or another race.

"It's a shame that in the drive to try to keep the championship alive to the very last race you take this artificial route to it. [It] just seems to me to be cheapening the sport.

"It makes it just a little bit WWF to me."

Newey does not believe that there is any chance of the double points rule being repealed for this season.

He suspects that viewer interest will dictate whether or not it is abandoned for 2015.

Analysis: The title outcomes double points would've changed

"I think for this year, no," he said when asked whether the rule would change.

"Whether it gets changed for subsequent seasons or not is going to depend on public opinion post the end of the season.

"If, of course, viewing figures are much higher and people aren't turning off in protest then it will be deemed a success and will continue."


Had double points been in force last season, it would have made no difference to when Sebastian Vettel clinched the world championship.

He would still have done so with victory in the Indian Grand Prix.

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