Formula 1 - Perez: double-points won't devalue F1

Sergio Perez insists Formula 1's decision to award double-points for the final round from next season will not devalue the sport or its champions.

Formula 1 - Perez: GP2 is embarrassing F1

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Sergio Perez (Getty)

The F1 Strategy Group and the Formula One Commission announced the move to double points at a meeting in Paris earlier this week.

The rule has been widely criticised by motorsport figures and fans, with four-time world champion Sebastian Vettel labelling it "absurd."

Perez acknowledged the divisive nature of the change, but said he was in favour of it, particularly as it is an experiment that can be reset.

"The rules are the rules, and I don't think they devalue the championship at all," Perez said when asked by AUTOSPORT.

"For the last race it just puts a lot of tension, and I think [in that situation] the best will come out on top.

"In any circumstance if you come out as champion you are champion.

"I have been in the sport for the last three years and it has been a great show, especially last year [2012] when it went down to the last race.

"But this rule change will keep a lot of interest to the end of the season, so definitely I think it is a good thing for F1.

"Let's see how this season goes, and we can always go back. But I think it will be an interesting rule."


Asked about Vettel's reaction, Perez added: "Everyone will have their own opinion; some people will think it is right, some that it is wrong.

"But it can mix things more in the final, which is what it should be.

"It can go either way for anyone, really work or really work in the opposite. I'm looking forward to it."

Force India team principal Vijay Mallya, whose team confirmed a multi-year deal with Perez on Thursday, said the awarding of double points was an intimidating prospect for team bosses.

"Look at Williams winning in Barcelona in 2012; if that is the last race suddenly it is 50 points [in the constructors' championship]," he said.

"That's daunting."

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