Formula 1 - Pirelli denies conflict with F1 teams

Pirelli has moved to dismiss suggestions that it is in fresh conflict with the teams, despite claiming that it was how outfit's used their tyres that caused the Silverstone failures.

Formula 1 - Pirelli denies conflict with F1 teams

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Paul Hembery Pirelli

Following investigations into the causes of the British Grand Prix blow-outs, Pirelli believes a combinations of teams swapping left and right hand side tyres, plus running pressures too low with aggressive camber choices, caused the incidents.

That moving of responsibility on to the teams has led to suggestions of fresh friction between the Italian tyre company and Formula 1's competitors.

However, Pirelli's motorsport director Paul Hembery issued a statement on Tuesday night claiming that his company was working in harmony with everybody.

"Contrary to the impression that some people have formed, I would like to underline the collaboration and support that we are receiving from the teams, drivers, FIA and FOM," he said.

"In no way are we intending to create arguments or attack anybody. We have taken our responsibilities upon ourselves as our press release indicates.

"But not having full control over all the elements that impact on the use of the tyres, we need everybody's contribution. With regard to this, we are receiving the full support of all the parties involved, for which we are very grateful."

Pirelli is introducing new Kevlar-belted rear tyres for this weekend's German Grand Prix, and will impose a ban on tyre swapping and strict limits on camber and pressures.

From the Hungarian GP, new tyres - made up of 2012 construction with 2013 compounds - will be introduced.

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