Formula 1 - Pirelli 'ready' for new F1 contract

Pirelli says it is 'ready' to extend its contract with Formula 1 beyond this year, even though there remains the chance that the matter could go out to tender.


The Italian tyre manufacturer is pleased with the way the two seasons since its F1 return have gone, and it is excited about its plans for 2013.

Its contract comes to an end later this year, however, and the company is not yet in a position to make firm plans for 2014.

Speaking at an official Pirelli launch in Milan on Wednesday, Pirelli chairman Marco Tronchetti said his company was eager to carry on.

"We are ready to continue the adventure," he told selected media, including AUTOSPORT, at Pirelli's Milan headquarters. "If the conditions will be acceptable and convenient, then we are ready to continue.

"The teams are happy, the co-operation has been good, the show has been good for the viewers and we did our job helping a bit to make the show more fun for people. So I hope an agreement will be reached."

When asked if he was worried about the prospect of Pirelli being beaten by a rival to the deal if the FIA puts the tyre supply deal out to tender, he said: "We are not worried.

"In any rate, we do one thing: we participate and we only have one scope - to win. That is it."

Speaking earlier on stage, Tronchetti went as far as saying he was 'confident' about Pirelli securing a fresh deal.

"The teams are satisfied, so we feel that a partnership we have with F1 is a successful one," he said. "It's a win-win co-operation and that is why I am confident we will have a new agreement next year. But there is nothing new for the time being."

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