Formula 1 - Red Bull accepts McLaren ECU apology

Red Bull says it accepts McLaren's apology for the ECU problems that hit Mark Webber's car in Australia, although it suggests that glitches remain.


As AUTOSPORT revealed, a software problem with the telemetry systems inside the Red Bull garage meant the team lost the data link with Webber's car, which impacted on his race start.

McLaren, which supplies F1's standard ECU, issued a statement earlier this week apologising for what happened, and Red Bull says it will now move on from the matter.

Team principal Christian Horner said: "I think that it was gracious of McLaren to apologise, stick their hand up and say it was an issue. Hopefully they will get on top of the issues quickly."

Horner suggested that not all problems with the ECU have yet been solved, but said that his team would assist McLaren's effort to make the technology bulletproof.

"I haven't spoken to the others teams but there are glitches," he said. "Yes, it is complicated software but unfortunately we buy a product and you expect that product to be right.

"With McLaren, it was very good of them to apologise, the apology was accepted and the most important thing is to learn from what happened in Melbourne."

He added: "There are always reasons behind everything. We ran this ECU for the first time in the young driver test last year, where there were an awful lot of problems.

"They have worked hard to get on top of those issues, and a large majority are sorted. But it is frustrating that an issue has compromised the race start and preparation for Melbourne."

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