Formula 1 - Renault believes it deserves more credit

Renault believes it has not got the credit it deserves for its recent title successes with Red Bull.

Formula 1 - Renault believes it deserves more credit

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Carlos Tavares

The French car manufacturer is chasing its fourth consecutive world championship this year, but its chief operating officer Carlos Tavares feels it has not made the most of its dominance.

"We are frustrated by the lack of recognition we get for beating the likes of Ferrari and Mercedes," said Tavares in an interview Autocar at the Geneva motorshow this week.

"But part of that problem at least must lie with our global marketing team. It is clear that we must create a bigger buzz around what we do.

"We are world champions. We are able to sell our engines to the teams because of that, but we do not get enough recognition beyond that."

Tavares believes the situation has not been helped by Red Bull's tie-up with the Infiniti brand, but he sees opportunities to do better with its partnerships with Williams, Lotus and Caterham.

"The relationship with all our teams is warm, emotional even," he said.

"Frank Williams himself is highly respected within Renault, not just for the championships and races we have won in the past together, but also for his humility and personality.

"Lotus we have historic ties with, through the Enstone operation, while Caterham is our joint venture partner on the Alpine sports car project.

"All three of these teams have a specific link back to Renault, and that counts. Perhaps one day we can reach the same point with Red Bull."

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