Formula 1 - Rosberg seeks to 'clear the air' with Hamilton

Nico Rosberg says he and Mercedes Formula 1 team-mate Lewis Hamilton plan 'clear the air' talks to ensure their fierce Bahrain Grand Prix lead battle did not leave any animosity.

Formula 1 - Rosberg seeks to 'clear the air' with Hamilton

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Lewis Hamilton and Nico Rosberg (Reuters)

The pair produced one of the hardest-fought intra-team victory battles in F1 history at Sakhir, with Hamilton narrowly prevailing after countless side-by-side moments through the race.

Rosberg admitted to reporters on Thursday that it had "taken a while" to get over coming second to Hamilton and complained over his radio during his duel with Hamilton, "that's not on".

Rosberg's outburst came after the pair came "so close I couldn't have got my hand between the two wheels," but he added they would iron out any differences during a team meeting.

"It's completely normal that, as a team, when there are races when a lot has happened that you're going to go and sit down and discuss," he said.

He said it was still important for the team to dissect events at Sakhir.

"It's completely normal that as a team, when there are situations or races where a lot has happened and which are intense battles, you are going to sit down and discuss," Rosberg said.

"We make sure everybody knows everybody's opinions and we review and then completely put it behind us and push on full attack."

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Rosberg said there was only one occasion in their battle when he had any complaints about Hamilton.

"The only example which I thought was above the limits was where I came on the radio," he said.

"All the other examples were really tough racing but with the necessary respect."

Asked which incident he had taken exception to, Rosberg replied: "The rate at which he was pushing me out, because if the rate is too fast I will struggle to avoid the accident.

"If you're on the inside you're the boss, it's your corner as long as you're in front."

But he underlined that most of the battle had been fair.

"Let's go for the majority at Bahrain, which was tough but respectful racing," said Rosberg. "Let's stick with that rather than picking out one minor example."

Although Rosberg was defeated by Hamilton in the end, he said he was happy he had been sufficiently aggressive.

"In hindsight I found that for me I attacked quite a lot and went for it," said Rosberg.

"Even when I was not even close to being in a position I just dived down the inside and gave it a go, so I thought my attacking mode was pretty much there and anything more would have on more than one occasion meant we wouldn't finish the race."

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