Formula 1 - Rosberg: tough start not hurting morale

Nico Rosberg insists that he is not getting disheartened by his early season fortunes, even though he has slipped well behind team-mate Lewis Hamilton.

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Nico Rosberg, Mercedes, Chinese GP

The Mercedes driver has retired from two of the first three races of the 2013 Formula 1 campaign, and was disappointed after Malaysia when he was given an order to hold position in the closing stages.

Despite the situation, which has left him 28 points behind Hamilton in the standings, Rosberg says the fact his Mercedes is so competitive is more than adequate compensation.

"It has been disappointing not to finish, but I am really looking forward because I come here with a good car and the belief that I can really make it happen this weekend," said Rosberg.

"That is a really nice feeling that I don't remember so much from last year, because towards the middle of the season that was gone and we were nowhere.

"So, I am going with that - and I am really looking forward to what is to come because I have a great car."

Rosberg believes that Mercedes is in a different situation to 12 months ago, when its form was compromised by overheating rear tyres and it could not keep up a strong enough rate of development over the season.

"Our biggest weakness was tyre overheating, which was a big issue here, but I am confident we are much improved on that so we should be better on that front," explained Rosberg.

"The second thing is development, so I am trying to work with the engineers and try to make sure that we are on top of our game and keeping up with the best in F1 in terms of the development rate.

"That was crucial last year. I am very enthusiastically motivated to get started."

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