Formula 1 - Teams must act on 'Alien' 2014 noses

Formula 1 chiefs may have to get together to discuss ways to get rid of the ugly look of the 2014 noses, reckons Caterham team boss Cyril Abiteboul.

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Team bosses and technical staff have openly admitted that the extreme nose solutions this year will make the cars look unattractive.

Abiteboul says the Caterham version reminds him of the main antagonist from the 'Alien' films.

F1 teams concerned by 'ugly' 2014 designs

When asked by AUTOSPORT about how the new Caterham will look, he said: "It is going to be ugly.

"I think F1 is still show business and it should still be attractive to people.

"Kids should be dreaming when they see an F1 car - I don't know about the dream or nightmare you will be having when you look at those cars.

"It does remind me of the 'Alien' film with it coming out the mouth."

But beyond the criticisms they will prompt, Abiteboul thinks the look of the noses is so bad that it could turn potential fans away from F1.

"It is a natural consequence of the regulations and the impact structure at the front," he added.

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"Maybe we will have to address that as a collective issue of F1, because we need to be selling some dream."

The ugly noses this year have been caused by a quirk in the regulations that demand a high chassis and low nose tip, with no requirement for a large nose tip section.

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