Formula 1 - Tost: F1 won't turn inside out in 2014

The 2014 Formula 1 rule changes will not turn the field inside out in the same way that the last regulations revamp did in '09, reckons Toro Rosso boss Franz Tost.

Formula 1 - Tost: F1 won't turn inside out in 2014

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Franz Tost Toro Rosso

The major aerodynamic changes of the 2008/9 winter completely altered the competitive order in F1.

The McLaren and Ferrari teams that had contested the previous two titles fell down the order as Brawn - created from the ashes of the works Honda team - and erstwhile midfielder Red Bull battled for the championship.

But although the 2014 regulation overhaul is much further ranging, Tost does not expect the order to be reset, putting the 2009 situation down to the unique circumstances of the double diffuser rules loophole that Brawn exploited.

F1 2009-13 RULES: Brawn and the double diffuser

"I don't expect something like this," he said.

"This was a very special case because Brawn won the championship because of the double diffuser.

"I don't expect a team will come up with such a surprising solution for 2014."

Instead Tost thinks the switch to turbocharged V6 engines and more powerful energy recovery systems will give the wealthy teams a chance to emphasise their advantage.

"I expect the top teams will be in front," he said.

"I don't expect a big change, especially now after the regulation change because they have the financial resources and the manpower to be flexible to make any changes, which you have to make with a new car.

"The more money and the more resources you have, the more successful you will be."

2008 vs 2009

The F1 pecking order has rarely changed as suddenly as it did in the winter of 2008/09 when new aerodynamic rules came into effect.

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