Formula 1 - Vettel criticises new Pirelli tyres delay

World champion Sebastian Vettel has criticised the decision to not race Pirelli's modified rear tyres in this weekend's Canadian Grand Prix.

Formula 1 - Vettel criticises new Pirelli tyres delay

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Sebastian Vettel (Reuters)

Formula 1's tyre supplier was hoping to use the tweaked tyre during the whole weekend after making changes to its construction in the hope of avoiding the delamination issues seen earlier this year.

In the end Pirelli could not get unanimous support from all teams to race the tyres and decided to just use them during Friday practice before racing them in the British Grand Prix.

Red Bull driver Vettel, whose team was one of the most vocal when calling for tyres changes, believes the decision is a mistake from a safety point of view.

"As far as we learned, we would have had different tyres for this race," said Vettel

"And then during the week we found out that we won't, which I don't understand, because I think the points that we tried to make clear from a driver's perspective were based on safety.

"Surely you need all the teams to agree, but that's probably something that generally is very unlikely to happen. It's always difficult for the teams to agree on something. But we learned that we will not race the tyres here, only for Friday testing.

"On safety grounds we had our concerns, but some people took the responsibility for this weekend that it would be fine. What exactly is the plan I don't know. They tend to change the plan, not day by day, but lately it's been quite busy."

Pirelli is bringing the super-soft and medium tyres for the race weekend, and the company accepts there is the risk of a repeat of the delamination seen in Bahrain and Spain.

Vettel hopes there are no problems this weekend and that the tyres get the green light for Britain.

"[Delaminations] didn't happen to us, but it happened to other people on different circuits," he said. "Barcelona is very different than Bahrain, for example. I think it's difficult to know if this circuit makes it any harder.

"We obviously hope there won't be any problems with delamination for this race, and if decide to use the new tyres for the next race hopefully this argument about delamination will be out of this world."

The weather could hamper Pirelli's plan to test the tyres, however, with rain hitting the circuit on Thursday morning.

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