Formula 1 - Vettel taken aback by ease of victory

Sebastian Vettel admitted he never expected Bahrain Grand Prix victory to come so easily.


The Red Bull driver notched up his second victory from four rounds of the 2013 Formula 1 season, and was untroubled up front once he had passed Nico Rosberg for the lead on lap three.

"I surely did not expect that," said Vettel.

"I think it was pretty dominant today, which was certainly not the expectation."

Vettel spent the early laps in a very hard-fought battle with Rosberg and Fernando Alonso before escaping.

"It the beginning it was quite tight racing," said Vettel.

"I knew it was crucial to get in the lead if I could as then I could have a margin to look after and manage the tyres from there. I felt I could pull away.

"Once you settle in, it is difficult to overtake.

"There was a strong headwind down the straight so the advantage for DRS was bigger than usual.

"In the beginning I thought if there was a small chance to get into the lead I have to take it.

"I think we could have had a strong race even if I had not been in the lead immediately. But I preferred it that way for sure."

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