Formula 1 - Webber backs Red Bull's evolutionary approach

Mark Webber says Red Bull was right to take an evolutionary approach with its 2013 car rather than "uncharacteristic risks".

Formula 1 - Webber backs Red Bull's evolutionary approach

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Sebastian Vettel, Mark Webber, Red Bull, RB9

Rival McLaren has made more dramatic changes for its new car, but Jenson Button said on Thursday it was struggling to understand the MP4-28 at present.

Webber believes that shows the worth of Red Bull's outwardly conservative design strategy.

"The most important thing is to know where you've come from. And we know what we've had," he said.

"To really start shooting in the dark is not really something that we're in the business of trying to do.

"It's hard enough technically to try and understand everything without starting to take uncharacteristic risks that you might not necessarily need to make with the concept of a car."

Webber added that there was a risk Red Bull's plan might turn out to be less successful in the long term.

"Adrian [Newey] and everyone have made the decisions that they think are right for RB9 at this point in February," he said.

"Let's see how the season unfolds."

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