Formula 1 - Williams won't switch focus to 2014

Williams' chief race engineer Xevi Pujolar says the team's main priority remains sorting out this year's car before it switches focus to its 2014 design.

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2013 GP Monaco, Williams, Pastor Maldonado (Reuters)

The team from Grove has endured a dismal first part of the campaign, having not scored a point in six races - a worse start than it made in 2011, when it only managed five points all year.

Although all the teams face a tough challenge in balancing their efforts ahead of the big rule changes that will come into play this year, Pujolar insists Williams' main focus remains 2013, as solving this year's issues will help with the 2014 car.

"The first priority is to understand the car this year, otherwise how do you know what will work next year," said Pujolar.

"So at the moment our priority is to sort out this car and perform on track."

Pujolar is aware, however, that the task at hand is not easy, and he is expecting Williams' progress to be gradual.

"It will be step by step. Hopefully there will be times when the steps are bigger but it will be step by step," he said.

"We will not go suddenly from where we are to the top four.

"I think we are making progress and we feel that it is getting better and better, but until we get into Q3 and get the car in the points we cannot say that we've done it. "

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