Formula 1 - Wolff targets Williams F1 reserve role

Susie Wolff is planning to get a Super Licence so she can become Williams's official Formula One reserve driver.

Formula 1 - Wolff targets Williams F1 reserve role

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Susie Wolff

The 30-year-old was the first to drive the Williams FW35 in a shakedown prior to last week's Barcelona test, and described a Super Licence as "the next thing on the to-do list."

"It turned out I was the first person to drive the FW35," Wolff said.

"It went well, so I think it's about taking it step-by-step and, for sure, one of the next steps will be about looking to get a Super Licence."

Wolff was appointed Williams's development driver in April 2012 and undertook her first test for the team last October. Although the main part of her expanded 2013 role will be simulator work, she is keen to also get more track time.

"I think [that] doing the track test in October last year gave me a lot of help because then I could feel what it was really like to drive an F1 car.

"All the time I spend in the car is only going to be better for all the work I do in the simulator."

The prospect of becoming third driver is not an "unrealistic dream", Wolff reckons.

"It's very difficult to say. I've done more time in the car now, I feel even more comfortable in the car," she explained.

"The tests in October last year went very well, there were no issues physically, no issues with not being able to handle the car.

"That was one of the reasons that I got the chance to drive the car for the very first time, because they saw that it's not out of my capabilities.

"So it's not unrealistic, but I think we all know how competitive Formula 1 is, how many drivers are fighting for a chance to be on that grid.

"I don't want to come out with any bold statements or a dream saying: 'Yes, I want to be on the grid next year'.

"[The plan is to get a] Super Licence, more time in the car, assist the team the best I can and just keep going step-by-step."

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