Fostering film hopes to help find happy homes for Norfolk children

A still from the foster film Any Of Us <i>(Image: Norfolk County Council)</i>
A still from the foster film Any Of Us (Image: Norfolk County Council)

A new film has been made to encourage people across Norfolk to consider becoming foster carers to children and young people who desperately need happy homes.

Norfolk County Council has collaborated with more than 80 other local authorities across England to produce the 'Any Of Us' short film, which premiered today (Tuesday, September 26).

Penny Carpenter, Norfolk County Council cabinet member for children’s services, said: "Foster carers are essential to so many of the services we provide for families in Norfolk.

Eastern Daily Press: Penny Carpenter
Eastern Daily Press: Penny Carpenter

Penny Carpenter (Image: Norfolk Conservatives)

"Every local authority needs more people to step forward and become foster carers, whether they can spare one weekend a month or more time to care for children and young people.

"Pooling resources with other local authorities who face similar challenges makes huge sense, from producing films which communicate a universal message, to sharing best practice and ways to meet the challenges that we face.

"As shown in this film, the message is the same, from London to the Lake District: any of us could offer a home to vulnerable children and young people.  It’s all about giving local children a chance to flourish."