Fury undermines trash talk with hilarious typo

Tyson Fury launched a tirade of abuse at David Price and other top British heavyweights in a series of expletive-laden messages on Twitter.

Fury undermines trash talk with hilarious typo

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Tyson Fury (issued by Matt Brown)

But the boxer undermined his X-rated trash talking with a hilarious typo that has left him a laughing stock on the social networking site.

"Ill take your sole and give it the devil," Fury tweeted at Price. He declined to explain whether he wished to remove the underside of one of Price's shoes, or steal his pricey fish dinner, in order to impress the Prince of Darkness.

The rest of Fury's tweets - sent after Price publicly challenged Fury to a bout - were equally devilish, containing the sort of naughty language that would make Beelzebub himself blush.

Later that evening Fury said he was up for the fight, and now he has directed a tweet to Price which is sure to stoke the fires even further.

"I'm gonna smash your face in u s***house scouse p***k I look in your eyes and c fear!" Fury wrote to Price, the British and Commonwealth champion who destroyed Audley Harrison in an 82-second knockout on Saturday.

Fury also blasted fellow British heavyweights David Haye and Dereck Chisora saying Haye was "a joke" and "chinless" while telling Chisora that he was a "mug."

The 6'9" Manchester giant has an unbeaten record of 19-0 with one of his victories coming against Chisora.

Price, who is also one of the bigger men in the division at 6'8", also has a perfect professional record of 14-0.

Fury also insisted that British boxing "needed" people like him.

"It's hard to be humble when your as great as I am! Ali said this 1960s Tyson fury saying it now!!!" he tweeted.

"Without Tyson fury in British boxing it would b a dull place u all need me!!!!!!!! Boxing is not for gents it's for bad ass m*********s."

Consider this is an official warning: the shoes and/or fish of Britain's heavyweights are just not safe while Fury is on the loose.

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