We Found Out the Girl Scout Cookie Flavor That's Being Discontinued This Year

array of girl scout cookies
Why Are Girl Scout Cookies Discontinued?Mariah Tauger - Getty Images

It's Girl Scout Cookie season!

And that means it's time to indulge in our favorite treats and help local troop members develop their entrepreneurial skills. Each year, nearly 700,000 girls across the country join forces to sell an average of 200 million boxes of cookies, and the nearly $800 million raised helps fund programs in local councils. They're doing the hard work, and the easy part is up to you: deciding which flavors to buy!

But you might have noticed that once flavor you loved last year isn't there the next. That's because, each year, the cookie lineup changes.

"GSUSA conducts a market assessment and evaluates the performance of our cookie portfolio, while also staying aware of important consumer trends," a Girl Scouts USA spokesperson told Country Living. "Based on a variety of business factors, GSUSA produces a cookie line-up and develops new products, as needed, to serve councils, support cookie entrepreneurs and delight consumers."

Thin Mints, Caramel deLites, Peanut Butter Patties, Do-si-dos, Trefoils, and more favorites are all returning for 2024. (FYI, some cookies are sold under two names because GSUSA sources them from two different bakeries.) Adventurefuls, the delicious brownie-caramel confection that was introduced in 2022, will return this year, but the new addition for 2023, Raspberry Rally, is not making a comeback. The cookie, which was sold online only, was popular, but GSUSA is pausing production to focus on their classic offerings.

"Cookie flavors are phased out to ensure that our flavor portfolio continues to have everyone’s favorites while keeping up with product and consumer trends," the spokesperson told us.

If you don't know a Girl Scout in your area, check out the Girl Scout Cookie Finder to locate a booth near you, or order them online beginning February 16.

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