Four Black Friday Oakley deals to cover everyone's on- and off-bike needs

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Positioned as a premium product, Oakley sunglasses aren't cheap, but luckily, for Cyber Week and Black Friday, the brand is offering sizeable discounts across its range. Here we're rounding up some of the highlight deals to cover everyone's needs - both on and off the bike - but head over to our deals page for the best Black Friday Oakley deals.

Oakley got its start selling custom motorcycles grips from the trunk of a car, so the logical next step was eyewear, right? Fast forward to today and Oakley sunglasses are some the best sunglasses for cycling that money can buy.

With stylish design, the contrast-enhancing Prizm lenses and a ton of different frame styles, whether you're looking for sunnies that verge on the size of MTB goggles or something a bit less radical, there is probably something that will fit your needs. But if you're unsure, head over to our Oakley Sunglasses guide for a full rundown.

The weight-weenie: Oakley EVZero

Oakley's EVZero are a redesigned version of the SubZero, which was launched in the '90s. They're claimed to be the 'lightest performance sunglasses in history', and tip the scales a little over 20g, depending on the lens shape – so if you're obsessed with grams, these are the sunnies for you.

With no frame, there is nothing to obstruct your vision, the arms are made from Oakley's nylon-enhanced O-Matter and Unobtainium rubber on the nose piece and ear socks keeps them in place.

The frameless design comes in a few different lens shapes, and we've found the Blade and Path versions both discounted by 30% for Black Friday. Regardless of shape or tint, the lens is made from Oakley's Plutonite material, which offers zero distortion and will protect your eyes from flying debris.

Oakley EVZERO Path Prizm Sunglasses | 30% off at Competitive Cyclist
Was $176.00 | Now $123.20
Keeping weight to an absolute minimum, the EVZero sunnies are featherweight and built for speed. Plutonite lenses offer 100 per cent UV protection, while the rimless frame design keeps your view unobstructed, and Unobtanium nose pads and ear socks help to provide a comfortable fit. Currently, the TDF Matte Black, Matte White and Polished Black frames are on offer.

Oakley EVZero Blades | 30% off direct from Oakley
Was $176.00 | Now $123.20
Oakley's 'streetwear culture'-inspired sports sunnies are a hybrid design, combining the temples of the EVZero with the lens cut of the iconic RazorBlades.

Oakley EVZero Path Photochromic | 20% off at Oakley
Was £173.00 | Now £138.40
If you're a dawn or dusk patrol rider, Oakley's Photochromic lenses will be a revelation. You can grab them with the EVZero frame (or lack thereof) for £138.40 direct from Oakley.

The style icon: Sutro

The Sutros are quite a departure from the traditional go-fast performance sunnies. With a retro aesthetic, Oakley pitched them to urban cyclists, but you'll find them attached to the faces of many WorldTour pro riders.

The large lens offers oodles of coverage, and the nose piece and ear socks are made with Oakley's ultra-sticky Unobtainium rubber to prevent them from sliding down your nose. When we reviewed them back in 2019, we said that they were the best sunnies Oakley had made to date.

Only a few weeks ago, Oakley quietly launched a brand-new half-frame version of the sunnies called the Sutro Lite, which slots in next to the smaller version called the Sutro S, designed to suit petite faces.

Oakley Sutro Lite | 30% off direct from Oakley
Was $176.00 | Now $123.20
Hot off the press, Oakley has knocked 30% off its brand-new Sutro Lite as a part of its Cyber Week sale. The price is the same whether you're after the Prizm Road, Prizm Jade, Prizm Black or Prizm Sapphire lens.

Oakley Sutro Prizm | 30% off at Competitive Cyclist
Was $166.00 | Now $116.20
Just as stylish on the bike as off, the Oakley Sutro has taken the cycling world by storm. With a big shield on the front, the O-Matter frame stays well out of your range of view, and the Unobtanium on the nose keeps them stuck to your face – even when you're pouring with sweat. Grab a deal on the polished white with vented lens colourway.

Oakley Sutro S Prizm Sapphire | 20% off direct from Oakley
Was £135.00 | Now £108.00
The Sutro S is a scaled-down version of the original Sutro, and is designed with urban cyclists in mind. Its high-wrap shield gives a bold look, protects you from the elements, and it comes complete with Prizm Sapphire lenses for enhanced vision.

The racer: Oakley Jawbreaker

Designed in collaboration with Mark Cavendish, the Jawbreaker employs what Oakley calls Switchlock – a lens-change process where a latch in the nose piece is opened to allow the frames to open like a jaw. This quick and easy lens swap eliminated the twisting, bending and possible snapping hinges that are usually required.

The Jawbreaker also comes with adjustable ear socks. Oakley sunglasses are notorious for not playing nicely with the retention systems on some helmets because of the long straight arms; the ear socks are on the Jawbreaker are length adjustable. They are still coated in the brand's Unobtainium rubber, as is the nose piece, and the frame is made from Oakley's nylon-reinforced O-Matter.

The frame and lens are also vented to prevent moisture build-up and fogging.

Oakley Jawbreaker Photochromic | 40% off from ProBikeKit
Was $272.99 | Now $163.49
The Jawbreaker is one of Oakley's most versatile models, boasting easy lens-swaps and arms that are adjustable for length. If you're regularly riding in changeable light, or commuting during the twilight hours, the Jawbreaker with a photochromic lens might be your ideal eye protection.

The same product is available for UK readers, too, albeit at 30% off. View that here.

Off-the-bike casual: Latch

If you're anything like us, your casual sunnies get thrown through the wringer. Sat on in the car? Yep. Knocked off the top of your head and hitting the ground, lens down? More than once. Booped by a wet dog nose? I've run of out fingers and toes to count.

The Latch is a great looking pair of casual sunnies from Oakley, and we've found Black Friday deals that start at 30% off as well as a few colour options discounted by 50% – at half price, they're less than $100!

The frames are made from O-Matter, so they'll still survive being sat on in the car, while the lenses are made from the shatterproof Plutonite, and are available in standard, Prizm and Prizm Polarized tints. The Latch also features what Oakley calls a clip-hinge mechanism that allows you to clip them to your shirt collar or open pocket, so they can't be knocked off your head.

Oakley Latch | Up to 50% off direct from Oakley
Was $156.00 | Now $78.00
Oakley's Latch was designed in collaboration with some of their sponsored skateboarders to look great but also for a bit of added functionality – the clip latch allows them to be securely attached to your shirt collar. They are discounted from 30-50%, depending on the colour, but stock of these stylish casual sunnies will go fast.

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