WATCH: 4 most common myths about olive oil

Abhishek Mande Bhot
·1-min read

There are several myths around olive oil. We bust these top four myths.

1. You can’t use it to fry

Extra virgin olive oil has a low smoking point. But pure olive oil has a high smoking point. As does extra light olive oil. Olive oil can be used for frying and cooking. It just depends on which type and how you use it

2. It isn’t healthy when heated

Heating does affect flavour but doesn’t diminish its health benefits

3. Darker the colour, better the quality

The oil’s colour depends on olive’s variety, country of origin, etc. Colour is no indication of the oil’s quality

4. If it solidifies, then it’s pure

Also untrue this is no ‘test’ to check purity. You can only know if olive oil is pure from its bouquet and taste.

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