Fox News’ Rage-Fueled Rant Over Holiday Decorations ‘Gone Too Far’ Is Truly A Gift

A Fox News segment about Christmas garb is getting sleighed online.

Last week, host Jesse Watters dedicated a segment of his show to Target’s new holiday merchandise featuring gay pride Nutcracker decorations and a Black disabled Santa Claus ornament. Although the Claus also comes in a white disabled version, which was next to the Black Santas in an image shown on the segment, Watters completely ignored that in order to focus on the Black ones.

“Outkick” host Riley Gaines, a former competitive swimmer who has campaigned against the participation of trans women in women’s sports, was also on hand to give her take, and Gaines’ views on the products went viral online.

“It doesn’t make sense,” Gaines said about the decorations. “You have to ask yourself, you know, why do they keep pushing this? Who are they trying to appeal to? Because, despite what the media portrays or how politicians are voting, this doesn’t represent the overwhelming majority of how this country — really, how the world feels on this issue.”

Although many in this country — and the world — are not white, blond and blue-eyed cis women, as apparently is Gaines, she decided to keep going, you know, on the behalf of all humankind.

“I think the majority of people, parents especially, they can acknowledge that gay Nutcracker, Black disabled Santa has gone way too far,” she said before the clip ends.

People on X, formerly Twitter, found Gaines’ Grinchy rant about fairy-tale characters hilarious.

Elsewhere in the segment, which can be viewed in full on Mediaite, Watters got pretty ableist about the disabled Santa ornament.

“It’s a good thing our chimney is wheelchair accessible so Jesse Jr.’s going to get all the gifts he wants,” Watters said.

Watters also performed some mental gymnastics when he came up with this stretch of concern about the Nutcrackers holding LGBTQ+ Pride flags.

“The gay Nutcracker, this appeals to children and the Christmas spirit,” Watters said. “You decorate the house, you put a Nutcracker up there, is this sexualizing Christmas for children?”

Ah, yes, because the mere name “Nutcracker” doesn’t already draw adolescent snickers.