Fran Drescher Reiterates She Doesn’t Need “Male Energy” to Lead in Mid-Negotiations Video

Fran Drescher is speaking out about her negotiating style in a new video on Instagram, saying once more that she doesn’t have to “emulate male energy to lead.”

In a video posted to the SAG-AFTRA president’s Instagram page on Wednesday, the 111th day of the ongoing actors strike, Drescher is filmed prepping to go to work — applying makeup and putting on sunglasses as she walks out the door. As she gets ready, the union leader and The Nanny star muses on her approach to the ongoing negotiations between union SAG-AFTRA and the Alliance of Motion Picture and Television Producers, which represents Hollywood studios. “I just want you to know that I feel a sense of strength, not anger, and I feel a sense of optimism, not negativity. I don’t have to emulate male energy to lead,” she says.

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Drescher continues, “I can be exactly who I am, I can lead with intellect, I can lead with wisdom, I can lead with empathy, I can be me. I can lead with a sense of dignity and fairness and morality and I can still rock a red lip. And I can lead and still hold on to a little plush toy in the shape of a heart that I call ‘love.’ Wish me luck.”

Towards the end of the video, Drescher pulls out from her handbag the heart-shaped plush doll that The Hollywood Reporter and other publications have reported the union president has brought into contract negotiations. In October THR reported that the presence of this toy, and Drescher’s penchant for reciting Buddhist inspirational quotes in negotiations, have taken CEOs present in the ongoing negotiations aback. In a statement to THR for the October story, Drescher said, “I don’t need to emulate male energy to be an effective leader.”

As multiple outlets reported on the toy, which was gifted to Drescher by an 11-year old fan, it has become a rallying cry for the union, which hosted a themed picket on Oct. 27 called “Plushie day in solidarity with Fran.”

The union is back in negotiations with Hollywood studios on Wednesday, with talks scheduled to begin around 11:30 am PT. THR has reported that a deal is in sight for the two parties that could bring an end to the union’s strike, but labor and management are still working out a compromise on AI regulations, among other issues.

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