France attacker Kylian Mbappe ‘at the same level’ as England star with ‘humongous talent’

England star on par with Mbappe Credit: Alamy
England star on par with Mbappe Credit: Alamy

France attacker Kylian Mbappe is “at the same level” as Marcus Rashford when the latter “has the eye of the tiger” for Man Utd or England.

France and England will meet in the quarter-finals of the World Cup on Saturday evening.

Both teams have performed brilliantly in Qatar, but with Mbappe, France arguably have the best player in the world at their disposal.

The PSG superstar is currently the leading goalscorer at the World Cup as he has scored five goals in four games.

England will have to get the better of Mbappe if they are going to advance further in the competition.

Though Gareth Southgate has a lot of quality players to choose from in attacking areas as well.

Rashford was in great form heading into the tournament and the Man Utd forward has scored three goals. This is even with him only starting once.

Ex-United striker Louis Saha has claimed that Rashford is “unplayable” when he’s at his best.

“I really like Marcus Rashford, you know he can be a starter, he’s such a talent and threat,” Saha said (via The Mirror).

“When Rashford has the eye of the tiger, he’s unplayable and at the same level as Mbappe. I love Harry Kane, but Rashford is just a humongous talent and I love to see him at this level.

“Kane is the best player, but Rashford is my favourite player in the England squad because of his style and I really enjoy watching him play. Rashford is more complete, but it does not mean he fits well in every game plan.”

He added: “There will be times where fresh legs are needed in the squad. Bukayo Saka is very good positionally, but Rashford has more ability and physicality, and he can score headers too.

“You can see there’s good balance and good spirit in the England team which has given the English fans and media a lot of hope.”

France still have Hugo Lloris as their first-choice goalkeeper and his Tottenham teammate Harry Kane will likely start for England.

Les Blues assistant manager Guy Stephan thinks Lloris’ relationship with Kane can benefit the World Cup holders.

“Hugo obviously knows Harry Kane, because they have been playing together for years.

“He knows how he shoots, he knows how he closes his foot sometimes. He knows what is going on in his head. He knows how he moves on the pitch.

“So we can consider it a match within a match, because those are players that are playing for the same club. I think will be talking to each other when they get back to Tottenham, and I hope one will be a bit happier than the other!”

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