Frantic telekinetic brawler Stop Dead punishes idleness with the ultimate price

 Stop Dead featuring at the Future Games Show Gamescom 2023
Stop Dead featuring at the Future Games Show Gamescom 2023

Stop Dead is a chaotic, first-person telekinetic brawler that doesn’t take kindly to idleness, punishing you with an in-game death if you stop moving.

The upcoming game has been revealed at the Future Games Show at Gamescom with a trailer. We start with a mysterious protagonist hurtling towards a barrier of glass that stips atop a building. Once inside, the bouncing brute flies down corridors while manipulating objects and tossing them towards enemies.

The whole game isn’t confined to an office, though. We also see shots of the protagonist speeding down streets and allies while engaging whoever stumbles across their path.

As for the game's story, Stop Dead is set in a world where rogue AI is rebelling against its human creators, and you’re the latest recruit. That means launching yourself across cityscapes to complete missions as swiftly as possible, using superhuman abilities to pull objects and throw them at enemies. Speed really is of the essence here, though, as your character will die if you stop to think – best get a move on, then.

The Mirror’s Edge influence is probably the easiest to pick up, though there are shades of Doom and Portal too. The mobility and action clearly take notes from all three, though you’ve also got a slice of humor to lighten the mood alongside a comic book-inspired aesthetic.

If that all sounds good, Stop Dead has a demo you can play now, with a leaderboard competition due to kick-off that could net you an Xbox or PS5.

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