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Freshman shares unique (and hilarious) apartment traditions she and roommates created: ‘So college core’

Living in a college dorm for the first time can be an exciting yet overwhelming experience. What if you end up with roommates who don’t like you? Or worse, what if you don’t like them and spend the entire year awkwardly avoiding each other?

Those were one TikToker’s fears before heading to Brigham Young University in Provo, Utah, last fall. But in her now-viral video, she says she now counts her roommates among her best friends.

“So I moved into this apartment a little over one month ago, and I was a little worried, I was like, ‘What if I don’t get along with my roommates?'” admitted Whit (@whit.dahle) as she takes followers on an apartment tour.

But much to her relief, the opposite wound up happening. In just four weeks, she bonded with her roommates and created inside jokes that kept them laughing all day.

“This is our wall now, the Tea Wall,” Whit explains while pointing to a door with paper print-outs of tea cups all over it. “You put the little tea bag in your tea cup name if you have tea, and then we spill.”

“And then we have the Roster Wall, hidden from anyone who comes into our room.” she continues while opening a closet door.

On the back are several pieces of looseleaf paper with “pros and cons” lists for everyone. (Though by “everyone,” she seems to mean the boys on campus they’ve met so far.)

Other touches throughout the shared apartment include a DIY disco ball, a Bibble flag and even a “Hot Guy Wall,” which features (among other things) a poster of a young Tom Cruise. There are decorative streamers around the kitchen for no reason, a “random Bob Ross painting” hanging on the wall and even some souvenirs from “every monumental time” they attended the fast food restaurant together.

Last but not least, Whit showcases an envelope taped to the back of one of the doors.

“And this is where my ID card goes, because I have ADHD,” she says with a laugh.

Clearly, Whit found an accepting group of roommates with whom she’s bonded over a relatively short period of time.

In the comments, people couldn’t help but fawn all over this.

“This is so college core and I love it,” one person wrote.

“the tea cups are incredible tbh,” said another.

Some people said they longed for this exact kind of connection.

“HOW DO I FIND ROOMMATES LIKE THIS,” one TikToker demanded to know.

“i want this so badly,” said another.

Others encouraged Whit to revel in this feeling because she’s in the midst of a memory-packed time.

As one person told her, she’s about to live through “some of the best times” of her life,” and make some killer friends for life in the process.

“Enjoy,” they added.

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