Fury in Brazil as Famous Maracana Stadium Used as Backdrop for Porn Movie Sex Scene

Tom Power

​It's only been three years since Brazil hosted the 2014 World Cup and, with it, came the renovation of the nation's famous old Maracana stadium.

The 78,000 capacity all-seater stadium has been the jewel in Brazil's footballing crown for over 65 years now, but images doing the rounds back in January showed how it had been left to rot following the staging of the 2016 Rio Olympic Games.

Leaving such a grand old venue to fall into disrepair led to outcry from Brazilians and football fans across the globe, and more fury has been sparked now after Brazilian news outlet ​UoL Esporte revealed that a porn movie had filmed a sex scene inside the Maracana. No, we're not messing, it actually happened.

Olympics - Previews - Day - 3
Olympics - Previews - Day - 3

The paper reported that it had seen footage of the scene, and the dried brown pitch - as well as the Maracana's seating arrangements - were clearly visible in the video.

The incident is believed to have occurred around 3pm local time on Sunday, and shows a young couple going at it in one of the seats as the camera slowly moves towards the pair getting down and dirty.

It's a huge shame to hear that one of football's most beloved stadiums is being used in such circumstances but, given that it hasn't been kept in good nick since its two big sporting events, we're not overly surprised to hear something like this.

Fingers crossed that the Maracana is restored to its former glory soon.

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