Gabriel Jesus makes pizza & burgers admission but is fit & raring to go for Man City

Gabriel Jesus admits that he had much to learn when arriving at Manchester City, with the Brazilian revealing that he “loved pizza and burgers” before taking on a personal performance coach.

A highly-rated South American striker was taken to the Etihad Stadium during the winter transfer window of 2017.

Jesus was still a teenager at that time and was very much still learning his trade when it came to the demands and expectations placed on elite performers.

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He was, however, to quickly learn the error his ways and has made a point of now ensuring that he is in the best possible shape on and off the field.

“Before I came to Manchester City, I worked differently at my old club Palmeiras. I came here and I stayed for the first year and I felt something different,” Jesus told Sky Sports.

“Pizza, bread, I loved all that. I loved burgers. That was all so bad for me and my body. But this was my life before Andre came.”

With his physical condition having been scrutinised by those in and out of Manchester – and with Pep Guardiola the most demanding of managers – Jesus moved to add Andre Cunha to his support team.

“I asked Manchester City if I could try to do something at home with somebody who could come to see me so I found Andre and he is a top guy, a top professional,” he added.

“He knows everything so he has helped me a lot. Now my nutrition is much better than before, for sure. I don't go crazy. I had to think ahead so I stopped with all that.

“Always in my life, I want to learn more, improve more, everything. On the pitch, it is the same. When I feel something is wrong with me, with my body, with my quality, I try to improve. So I found Andre. I think it was a very good decision in my life.”

Jesus has now taken in 138 appearances for City, recording 63 goals, and will be looking to hit the ground running when Premier League action resumes amid the coronavirus pandemic on June 17.

“I am very fit and I am ready to play with my friends,” he said. “We are ready because we are training so, so much. It is hard every day, every single day, every single session. We are training hard.

"Everybody knows this Premier League is done but we don't have to give up because we have the Champions League as well and the FA Cup. We have to do everything to stay fit and play good. I think everyone is ready.”

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