Gaffer: It's that Charlton hoodoo again - but I cannot see anything but Portsmouth promotion

Terry Devlin ran Paddy Lane close in Gaffer For A Day Spencer Green's man-of-the-match decision. Picture: Jason Brown/ProSportsImages
Terry Devlin ran Paddy Lane close in Gaffer For A Day Spencer Green's man-of-the-match decision. Picture: Jason Brown/ProSportsImages

So do you believe in hoodoos?

I thought it was a brilliant display all over the pitch, there wasn’t a bad performance in the squad.

Although I’m very, very disappointed not to come away with a point, it’s Charlton for God’s sake! The hoodoo is still there.

I’m not superstitious at all, only when it comes to Charlton! But there’s something there, isn’t there, I don’t know what it is, we can't quite get over that stigma of never beating Charlton at home.

Still, we’re still top of the league, so we can’t grumble.

You sound encouraged by the performance?

It was a great match for the neutral and for Pompey fans, I don’t think people came away too disappointed.

You can gauge the atmosphere when you’re walking down Goldsmith Avenue to catch the train and no-one was saying we were rubbish, that player was awful or that player was dreadful. It wasn’t, we move on.

I don’t think I’ve recently had a walk down Goldsmith Avenue after a game where I’ve been disappointed, it has all been quite upbeat. What John Mousinho is doing with the squad and players is a massive positive.

‘I can’t see us not getting promoted. I know it’s an early call before Christmas, but, with the way we’re going and the squad we’ve got, everything is going really well.

Who stood out for you?

Choosing man of the match is really difficult because there was not one bad player on the pitch.

It could be one of three for me. I thought Terry Devlin was absolutely fantastic all game, he and the brilliant Paddy Lane are the two Irish terriers. I also thought Alex Robertson was good.

Lane is my selection, though, he’s direct, gets down the right wing, fires in fantastic balls and was Pompey’s man of the match, no doubt.

The whole team was fantastic, Abu Kamara’s goal, Gavin Whyte came on and people have labelled him as a bit of a let-down but he did all right too. So many good performances.

What do you make of the Regan Poole news?

That is a massive loss, he has been excellent all season. I think we now need to recruit a seasoned centre-half.

Sean Raggett did a fantastic job against Charlton, he played really well, but it’s Raggett! Sometimes you have to close one eye when he’s on the ball, but he did the job, I can’t fault him, although we need to get someone in to replace Regan.

Poole has been excellent all season, but Shaughnessy has gone under the radar, he is another gem, he’s absolutely fantastic on the ball, calmness personified.

On Saturday he looked at ease, like he does every game, and it’s nice to see we aren’t panicking at the back like previous seasons.

Will Norris – 7

Joe Rafferty – 7

Sean Raggett – 8

Conor Shaughnessy – 8

Jack Sparkes – 8

Joe Morrell – 9

Alex Robertson – 9

Paddy Lane – 9

Terry Devlin – 9

Abu Kamara – 8